Muffin is a wonderful girl with TONS of energy. She enjoys running in her exercise ball and in her wheel. She is comfortable being picked up and held, but she is still wiggly. Her favorite treats are yogurt drops and bread. She is a sweet, fearless, de...
Homer and Bart are a friendly, fun-loving, father and son pair of gerbils! These boys are active and outgoing, and will keep you entertained with their lively antics for hours. Homer is about 8 mnths old, and Bart is about two months old. They are loo...
General Guineapig Information: Average Lifespan: 5-7 yrs Min Cage Size: 28 x 42ins; or 7.5 square feet (see www.guineapigcages.com ) Bedding: Aspen shavings, Carefresh, or Fleece (no pine or cedar!) Diet: Timothy hay (unlimited); daily fresh sal... see more at Pet finder
four month old male Dutch/New Zealand mixture
9 mnth old female Dutch mixture
3 mnth old male Lionhead/Dutch mixture
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